Sony throwing in 3 free months with one-year PS Plus membership

Playstation Plus
In one of our earlier articles, we noted that PlayStation Plus is one of the industry's biggest "no brainers". In other words, Sony's premium service is a pretty solid foundation for any online gamer to start off with, offering free online play, great discounts, and even entire games for free! And it just got a heck of a lot better.

Sony today announced that when you sign up for a one-year PS Plus membership, you'll get an additional three extra months of the service for free. So for 15 months of free and discounted games, you're only paying $50.

"The time to become a PlayStation Plus member couldn't be better," Sony said. "We ended 2012 with the addition of PlayStation Plus and the Instant Game Collection on PS Vita, for a combined savings of $2,472 for the year. That includes free games and discounts for both PS3 and PS Vita, and we've got plenty more plans for PlayStation Plus in 2013."

Its worth noting that the one year PS Plus voucher that comes included with the Classic White PlayStation 3 bundle can beGamezone redeemed during this special promotional period. For those of you who are already PlayStation Plus members, you can stack your membership to take full advantage of this offer as well.

The PlayStation Plus 1-year and three months deal is running through March 4, 2013, so you do have some time. But don't wait too long or you might forget!

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