Zynga's best Scramble With Friends players already bested [Video]

Scramble With Friends
Scramble With Friends

We never thought it possible, but here we are. Remember when we showed you the best Scramble With Friends player that Zynga had to offer? Well, his incredibly impressive performance seems to have already been bested by a mere 10 points. But here's the kicker: The lovely and clearly skilled Lyndsey Browning from the UK used zero power-ups in her winning Round 2 run.

If you remember, Zynga's Kenter Wu used all of his power-ups to achieve his beastly score of 2,099. We could very well have a Scramble With Friends world champion on our hands, people. Watch her furious wordsmithery below, and learn. Just remember to wear protective gear (e.g. hand braces) before trying this at home.

[Via CE Gamers]

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