Fashionably Forbes: 10 Style Icons New to the Billionaire List in 2013

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana

As anyone who has ever watched the Oscars knows, high fashion and high incomes often go hand-in-hand -- after all, while everybody may lust after Prada, Chanel and Fendi, only a few can afford the price tags. Not surprisingly, fashion isn't a bad route to wealth either: Last year's Forbes' billionaires list was already chock full of names from the world of couture, apparel, cosmetics and perfume: Giorgio Armani, the Lauderbrothers, and the family that owns Chanel, to name a few. Even some less-impressive brands have proven short routes to fame and fortune. After all, the owner of H&M made the list, as did the guy who owns Mango and the entrepreneur who founded Lululemon.

But if there has always been money in fashion, the last year has been especially good for its big names. In fact, of the 34 new names on Forbes latest list of billionaires, 10 came from the world of fashion.


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