Gorgeous 3D brawler ChronoBlade hopes to lure the core to Facebook


Before you say something like "another day, another 'Facebook game for gamers,'" take a look at the beauteous trailer below. Say hello to ChronoBlade, an impressive-looking, 3D beat-em-up by San Francisco-based developer nWay. Currently in a closed beta test, this Facebook fighter was crafted by the creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto and the lead designer of the first two Diablo games.

Will those gorgeous graphics and serious "hardcore" credentials be enough to get core gamers to play on Facebook? That's what Kotaku asked in an in-depth preview of the game, and that's what nWay hopes to prove. Built on Flash 11, ChronoBlade will be available to pretty much anyone with little to no effort at all at launch through Facebook, but it's slated to hit iOS and Android at some point in the future.

The anything goes fantasy-meets-sci-fi brawler sees players go toe-to-toe solo with baddies much like in the arcade hits of yore, but will feature a focus on multiplayer after launch. (And hopefully at some point after that controller support?) Like what you see? Sign up for the closed beta test right here.

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