Breaking: Gearbox may be prepping to announce a 'bizarre' expansion for Borderlands 2 in the 'near future'

Borderlands 2 Image
Borderlands 2 Image

Though we've a recent shift in our industry where downloadable content has become a vital piece of a game's success, most developers will tell you that their finish line is crossed once their game is shipped onto store shelves. Nevertheless, one developer – one series – has continually pushed to change this facet in every way. Yes, we're talking about Gearbox and Borderlands 2, one of our favorite games of 2012. The Borderlands series itself has recurrently dished out massive expansions that could be boxed up as their own game, if we didn't know better of course. With several DLC pieces already available for their latest installment, Borderlands 2, Gearbox may be "gearing" to announce another expansion soon.

In an interview we conducted with Gearbox's Anthony Burch, Borderlands 2's Writer, and Paul Hellquist, Creative Director behind Borderlands 2, Hellquist teased us with an interesting piece of information regarding future DLC after we posed a question regarding games traveling to "bizarre" territories in DLC (a la Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLCand Saints Row: The Third's "The Matrix" DLC); we asked if there has been any in-house discussion about doing an expansion similar in bizarreness to games like Red Dead and Saints Row, and if so, if they could tease us with anything.

His response:

GZ: Lastly, anything you guys can tease us with when it comes to future DLC? What can fans come to expect with the last few add-ons for this spectacular experience?

PH: You just might see one of those bizarre ideas in the near future.

Though Pandora is already a fantasyland, the "bazillions of weapons" and zany characters bring countless opportunities to


draw up a "bizarre" DLC that fans will surely become addicted to. And the fact that something could be coming in the "near future" has us incredibly excited.

We now turn to you, the readers. Where would you like to see Borderlands 2 DLC adventure to? Let us hear those bizarre ideas!

The full interview with Anthony Burch and Paul Hellquist can be viewed by clicking here.

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