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In a lovely underwater environment full of coral and colorful plant life, life is easy for tiny goldfish, but when a group of bass, turtles, crabs and more decide to take the area over for themselves, there's only one thing for little goldfish to do: escape! That's the premise behind a new game on, GoldFish Escape from Big Fish Games.

Don't be fooled by GoldFish Escape's simple appearance, as the game is one that starts simply and gets pretty challenging as you go along. GoldFish Escape sees you controlling the title character with your mouse pointer, as the fish will automatically follow it as you move it across the game screen. You can move the goldfish in any direction you'd like as the screen continues to scroll from left to right, moving you forward. The object of each level is to move the fish to avoid oncoming predators, while also collecting as many worms (food for the goldfish) as you can before each stage ends.

As you progress, levels become more complicated, with enemies that move to block your path, or simply additional types of enemies on the screen at once. You'll earn points as you complete levels, including bonus points for collecting all of the worms in a stage, and you can freely replay these levels if you missed a worm or would simply like to increase your score.

If you do happen to run into a predator, you'll need to restart the stage, but you don't need to worry about running out of lives or ever really hitting a "game over" screen. Instead, the game is all about earning as many points as possible as you make your way to freedom. If you'd like to help this little goldfish catch up with his friends, make sure to play GoldFish Escape on for free now!

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