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The life of a cat is a simple one, as they spend their days sleeping, playing, and most importantly: eating. In Cat Around Europe from Mochi Games, you'll help one extremely hungry kitty travel around Europe eating the best food in the world through physics-based puzzle levels.

There are multiple European locations in Cat Around Europe, and therefore many kinds of food to feed the cat. In one series of stages, you may be feeding the cat pizza in Italy, while the next sees you feeding it sausage in Germany. Each level or world gets progressively harder, and comes with theming (including different music) depending on your current location.

Each level in Cat Around Europe comes with obstacles to avoid and items to manipulate, like ice blocks that block the path of the food, but can also stop it from falling out of the cat's reach at the bottom of the screen. Other obstacles include rolling boulders, electric wires, bounce pads, and more, which can either be used to your advantage or should be avoided entirely.

There's a specific path the food should take in each stage, and this is marked by a series of three stars. If you can't collect all of the stars, there's still a chance that the kitty will be fed, but you can replay each stage to try and earn a higher score or any missed stars if you'd like to improve your in-game record. If you ever really get stuck, you can click on the hint button in the corner of the screen to see a walkthrough of how that level should be completed, but it's definitely more satisfying to figure it out on your own.

There are plenty of levels to complete in Cat Around Europe, so if you'd like to help bring food to this hungry kitty, you can now play the game for free right here on Games.com!

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