Braindex on iPad: Celebrity-filled game shows have never been so fun


Earlier this month, we brought you a preview of Braindex on iPad, a game that combines trivia questions with a game show format as players watch and interact with videos of celebrities answering trivia questions from the back of a van on the street. Even in our preview, we knew the game looked like a lot of fun, but after diving into the full product, we can't recommend this one enough.

Braindex offers a game show format, as semi-popular celebrities are asked 10 multiple choice trivia questions in a variety of topics, and gamers can play along right on the screen. You'll be asked the same questions as the celebs, and will be given the same amount of time to answer them. All of the multiple choice answers are the same, and you'll both be scored on the same scale - it's literally a one-on-one battle between your mind and the celebrity's on topics ranging from sports and movies to ancient history and literature.


During each game, there's an "Idiot" question that can remove all of your points if you get it wrong because it's so easy that only an "idiot" would miss it, and there's also a "genius" question that rewards more points due to its difficulty. At the end of each game, you'll be able to compare your score with that of the celeb's, and will see one of two pre-filmed endings to the episode, depending on if you win or if you lose. This is actually a funny concept, as the celebrity had to act as though they were both the winner and the loser, all for the sake of the app's players at home. You'll also be able to compare your score against that of your Facebook friends, and share your progress with either Facebook or Twitter.

If Braindex has a problem, it comes with the actual game show setup of the experience. There are only so many games that you can complete upon your first download of the app, and you'll need to wait for new episodes to be released each week before you can continue to play. Still, there are a lot of episodes that are available in the archive of the app already, so you'll get a few hours of fun out of the game before being forced to wait for more.

While you won't find stars like Brad Pitt answering questions for Braindex, many of these "lesser" celebrities are at least familiar to gamers or those with a passing interest in pop culture, and there's something incredibly satisfying about earning more points than someone we see on TV or the internet on a regular basis. What's more, Braindex is free to download and play, so there's no reason not to jump in on the fun.

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Have you tried Braindex on iPad? How many of the celebrities have you been able to beat? Sound off in the comments!