Parallel Kingdom moves into the Age of Ascension on Facebook, iOS


Parallel Kingdom has long been one of the more interesting MMOs (massively multiplayer online game) around on both iOS and Facebook, as the game uses Google Maps to create battlefields and lands that can be conquered right on a player's real-world home turf. Since launching on Facebook last year, the game has been updated with new "Ages," or sets of themed content, and a new update is about to hit the game next month.

The Age of Ascension will take players into the sky with Airships, so long as they've reached at least Level 10 in the game. There will be multiple Airships to choose from, depending on your level, with these Airships providing for a fast means of travel, as players will be able to move anywhere around the world quickly, and with few limitations.

Of course, flying around in the sky wouldn't be as exciting if the only thing to do was look down on the world below, which is why the Age of Ascension will also introduce floating islands to the game. These spawn near sky docks or near other floating islands, and they can be conquered by players. After conquering a floating island, players can customize this new piece of land with resource mines.

In addition, the world of Air brings new combat possibilities to the game, as 22 different varieties of cannons have been released. Airships can be equipped with cannons for defense, but hand-to-hand combat is still available in instances where your Airship is boarded by the enemy. On top of all of this, six new skill points will be available within the Air realm, and four new metals will be available for mining and crafting.

If you're excited for the Age of Ascension in Parallel Kingdom, unfortunately, you'll have to wait a bit before getting your hands on this new content. The Age of Ascension will go live on February 12.

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