Game of the Day: Jewel Quest III


The Jewel Quest saga is a lengthy one, but today's Game of the Day takes us to the middle of the franchise with Jewel Quest III. This installment in the classic match-three series follows Emma and Rupert as they attempt to open a museum. Things go from promising to terrifying however, when their daughter is infected by one of the museum's antiques, sending Rupert off on a journey to find a magical Golden Jewel Board, which is rumored to be the cure.

In Jewel Quest III, you'll travel around the world completing match-three levels. Each level comes in a different shape and may contain different kinds of jewels or symbols, but the overall goal is to turn all of the tiles gold by making matches on top of them. Your progress is timed, so make sure to go for those hard to reach corner tiles as soon as you can, rather than putting them off until the end when time may be running short.

If you think you have what it takes to find the magical Golden Jewel Board and save Rupert and Emma's daughter, then play Jewel Quest III on for free now!

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