ChefVille 'Yoga with Pippa' Catering Order: Everything you need to know


While it seems like many players have decided to act as though the catering feature in ChefVille doesn't exist, Zynga keeps rolling out new content for the feature, including a complete set of new catering orders in a healthy eating event. This second chapter of catering orders starts with "Yoga with Pippa," which must be completed within three days to earn the top prizes. This catering order requires you to complete six different tasks, and we're here with a guide to help you get started!

Yoga with Pippa!

  • Collect 3 Yoga Mats

  • Cook 3 Popcorn Chicken or Grilled Salmon

  • Serve 7 Chilly Gazpacho

  • Cook 4 Garden Salads

  • Cook 4 Healthy Dishes on the Salad Station

First things first, the Yoga Mats can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help. For the Popcorn Chicken / Grilled Salmon task, you do legitimately have a choice between which dish you'd like to cook, or you can cook a combination of both to save time. The Grilled Salmon can be prepared on the Grill using four Salmon and five Lemons (the dish takes 12 hours), while the Popcorn Chicken requires two Dough, two Chicken and one Pepper. It can be prepared on the Party Platter Station, and it takes just 10 minutes to finish.

Moving on, the Chilly Gazpacho can be prepared inside the Soup Station using five Tomatoes and four Onions per batch. This dish takes five minutes to prepare. As for the Garden Salads, these are the dishes that might slow you down, since a single one takes 12 hours. A single Garden Salad can be prepared using four Mixed Greens and two Ranch Dressing, but unfortunately, this dish doesn't count as "healthy." That will leave you to cook four additional dishes inside the Salad Station, like Caprese Salad, Springtime Spring Rolls, or another option that's marked with the green "Healthy Dishes" symbol. As a tip, if you'd like to finish this Garden Salad task incredibly quickly, just start the dish to cook and then immediately cancel it. You'll still earn the "tick" for cooking it, but won't have to wait 12 hours to serve it.

If you decide to complete this order, remember that you don't have to do it alone. You can bring up to five friends in on this order with you to share progress, which will hopefully allow you to finish all of these tasks within three days. If you can, you'll receive the Gold Medal, a Fruit Window (it looks like a Watermelon slice) and three Instant Thyme. We have to admit that this order seems much easier to complete than those catering orders that were released before, but whether or not you care to complete it is entirely up to you. Good luck!

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Will you try to finish this Catering Order for the gold medal, or have you decided to give up on Catering Orders in ChefVille altogether? Sound off in the comments!