ChefVille 'Rock Climbs Rocks' Catering Order: Everything you need to know


The brand new chapter of catering orders in ChefVille continues to expand this week. Players that complete the "Yoga with Pippa!" order can now tackle "Rock Climbs Rocks." This order is slightly more difficult than the first in this chapter, but neither of these healthy eating catering orders are as difficult as the birthday party orders that were first released upon the launch of the entire catering order event. We're here with a look at Rock Climbs Rocks to give you a heads-up on what to expect.

Rock Climbs Rocks!

  • Tend the Water Pump for 14 Water

  • Cook 6 Balsamic Salad or Cold Cuts Platter

  • Cook 5 Wild Onion Bisque

  • Cook 14 Healthy Dishes on the Soup Station

  • Serve 5 Macaroni Salad

First things first, you can bring up to five friends in on this mission with you to share progress, so your first step should be to ask your active neighbors for help. The Water Pump is tended once every five minutes. As for the Balsamic Salad, this dish is cooked on the Healthy Eating Station using four Mixed Greens, one Pepper and two Balsamic Vinegar. It takes just five minutes to cook. The Cold Cuts Platter, meanwhile, is prepared on the Party Platter Station using two Turkey, two Chicken and two Salami per serving. This dish takes four minutes to prepare, and you can cook any combination of these two dishes until you reach six total servings to complete this task.

As for the Wild Onion Bisque, this dish is cooked inside the Soup Station using one Milk, two Onions, and one Pepper per serving. It takes just two minutes to prepare. Moving on, even though it's not what you might think of a traditional "salad", the Macaroni Salad is prepared on the Salad Station using two Macaroni and two Mayonnaise per serving. This dish takes 16 hours to cook, and you can't simply start the dish and cancel it over and over again to pass this quest--you'll actually need to serve the dish to make it count.

Finally, even though you've already cooked lots of Wild Onion Bisque on the Soup Station, this dish isn't "healthy", so you'll need to cook 14 other dishes that have the green "Healthy Dish" leaf symbol. This includes the Chilly Gazpacho and Pho Noodle Soup, along with Cozy Chicken Noodle Soup.

If you can complete all of these tasks within two days, you'll receive the Gold Medal, along with one Fruit Topiary (it's shaped and colored like a watermelon) and 10 1-Hour Thyme spices. Again, you can ask five players to come into this order with you to earn some free help, so make sure to choose your most active neighbors to help you as soon as you can.

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What do you think of the tasks required in this "Rock Climbs Rocks" Catering Order? Will you try to earn a Gold Medal on this order, or do you ignore the game's catering feature altogether? Sound off in the comments!