Swipe the Deck offers blitz-style poker play on iOS


While match-three games are incredibly common on mobile platforms, most focus on simply gems, bubbles or some other brightly colored object that you'll swap back and forth to create matches. Taking a huge leap away from that standard setup is Swipe the Deck, a game that combines blitz style play with poker.

While Swipe the Deck isn't technically a match-three game, it feels pretty similar, as players are given two minutes (without power-ups) to earn as much money as possible by creating poker hands of at least two cards each. Each hand is created by tapping and sliding your finger across the screen, with anything from a single pair of two's, all of the way up to a royal straight flush counting for money. Obviously, the better hand, the more money you'll earn, and multiplier squares will be added along the way to boost your virtual wallet even higher.

While this single-player experience looks to pack a lot of fun on its own, with free or purchased power-ups that can be activated before each game, Swipe the Deck is also social, allowing you to challenge friends or strangers to three-round matches to see who can earn the most money at the end.

We're still getting our bearings with Swipe the Deck, but we'll have a complete review for you in the coming days. In the meantime, if you'd like to try your hand at this interesting new take on a blitz game, you can now download Swipe the Deck for free on iPhone or iPad. Watch out though - the game will only be free for a limited time.

Download Swipe the Deck on iOS >

Have you tried Swipe the Deck either by yourself or against friends? What do you think of this twist on the standard poker or blitz-style game? Sound off in the comments!