You'll never want to play Scramble With Friends against this guy [Video]

Scramble With Friends
Scramble With Friends

Zynga's answer to Boggle and other games of its ilk, Scramble With Friends, just had its first birthday. To commemorate the milestone, the developer released the following video. In said video, a single Zynga employee, Kenter Wu, crushes whatever pride you may have held onto of your high score in Scramble With Friends.

This dude is what we like to call a Scramble savant. He plays as if his iPhone screen were an extension of his hand. But not only does he seem to have quite the vocabulary, he knows just how to game the system. For instance, whenever he finds a word, he tries to expand upon that word again for more points. Actually, there's a lot to learn from this guy. Maybe there is hope, after all. Wait, his final score was 2,099? Um ... never mind.

[Via CE Gamers]

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