Game of the Day: Miriel's Enchanted Mystery


In today's Game of the Day, Alawar's Miriel's Enchanted Mystery, you'll help Miriel uncover the mystery behind an ancient artifact while earning money in her magical cafe. Miriel will need to use witchcraft to conjure ingredients for recipes that can then be sold for profits, with gameplay here being similar to that of games like Diner Dash.

In each level, customers will order items like apples, loaves of bread, and more, and it's up to you to click on the ingredient board to spawn in those items. In the case of actual recipes like bread, you'll first need to create water and flour, and then take those ingredients to the oven where they can bake. Most levels see Miriel or the restaurant being upgraded in some way, either by allowing her to carry more objects at once, or just adding new appliances or features to the restaurant.

Every few levels, you'll be visited by a traveling merchant that will provide you with new recipes or upgrades that you wouldn't earn otherwise. For instance, you can purchase a recipe for Apple Jam, or you can purchase extra shelf space to store your raw ingredients. The more items you purchase though, the more complicated each level can become, so keep that in mind.

You'll uncover details about the ancient artifact with your grandmother along the way, and all of this comes in a package that's completely free to play, right here on What are you waiting for? Start serving guests and performing some magic in Miriel's Enchanted Mystery today!

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