The Cathouse: A Home Designed for Your Feline More Than for You


We know you cat lovers adore your feline friends like they're your own children, but this might be taking it too far. (That's just us; we know many of you will not agree.) A Japanese home construction company has designed an entire home that's built especially to cater to your furry friend.

This cat lover's apartment, by Fauna+DESIGN, features tunnels, cat flaps in every door, steps leading up to wooden "cat walks" snaking across the walls, elevated platforms and even cat "viewing areas"! The home was built using information gleaned by Fauna+DESIGN about the interactions between humans and cats, as well as cats' movements and activities.

Think it's ridiculous? Well, if you own a cat (and reports show that a third of Americans do), some of these features actually make a lot of sense. The home's bathroom has an extra space specifically designed for the litter box (with its own wall partition, so your feline can enjoy his or her privacy), and all the materials used in the home are scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

But building an entire home around your cat? Really? Not so weird, any cat lover would tell you -- because the feline is top dog in their houses anyway.