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There's something strange and it don't look good in Capcom and Beeline Interactive's Ghostbusters for iPhone and iPad. With hundreds of mischievous spirits running amok in the Big Apple, Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and new recruits set out to locate the source of the evil and restore peace to the city. This involves capturing a variety of slimy creeps while researching more effective pieces of equipment. If you're up for the job, kick things off the right way with our Ghostbusters cheats and tips guide.

-The main goal is to climb up the ghost-ridden tower, easily identified on the map by the swirling purple vortex. That said, you need a certain amount of slime to access the next subsequent floor. How much slime? Tap the building, then check the top right corner of the screen to see if the numbers match.

-Go on jobs and bust ghosts to earn slime. To accept a job, press the telephone icon directly above a building, then tap again.

-Complete missions to earn valuable Bucks. Mission types range from busting five lab rats to collecting $8,000. To see the current list, tap the checkmark on the left side of the screen, and don't forget to collect Bucks after finishing missions.

-You need Energy to go on jobs. Without it, your Ghostbusters cannot function. Before attempting a job, click the phone icon above the desired mission to see how much energy it'll cost, and make sure you have enough beforehand.

-Energy refills over time, or you can instantly fill it using Power Cores. Players earn one energy every 36 seconds.

-You can control up to four Ghostbusters at once.


-Visit the firehouse (AKA Ghostbusters HQ) to research ghosts and new pieces of equipment. You can also form your team and hire new Ghostbusters by clicking Ecto-2, located on the second floor.

-Capture different ghosts to research new equipment. Check Tobin's Spirit Guide, located in the firehouse basement, to see how many Lab Rats, Football Players, etc. you need.

-Don't forget to claim Slimer's Daily Reward from inside the firehouse.

-Click Ecto-2 to purchase Team Boosts. These include earning 25 percent more cash per bust and increasing attack and defense by 25 percent. Keep in mind that you'll need Power Cores to make this happen.

-While in the firehouse, click a Ghostbuster to learn valuable information, like his or her profile and stats. On top of that, you'll be able to view that character's current equipment and abilities, and make changes.

-Ghostbusters have signature abilities that prove useful when dealing with ghosts. Each ability works on a cool-down timer, so you'll need to wait until it refills to use again.

-Completing jobs allows your Ghostbusters to level up, giving you access to more effective abilities.

-Keep Ghostbusters spread far enough apart to avoid clicking the incorrect one. They tend to bunch together.

-As soon as you throw out a trap to capture a ghost, feel free to immediately target the next enemy.

-Keep an eye on each Ghostbusters' health meter, located directly underneath their feet. If it runs out, they get slimed and incapacitated for the duration of that job.

-Each Ghostbuster has a specific role. Wranglers (using a Slime Blower and Heavy Armor) absorb the most damage but have the shortest range, Blasters (Proton Packs, Medium Armor) are the most powerful and Scientists (Multi-Purpose Ectoplasmic Disposal Gun, Light Armor) can heal others, but are the weakest.

-Power Cores also speed up the researching process. You can always buy more for the following amounts: 50 ($4.99), 125 ($9.99), 350 ($24.99), 800 ($49.99), 2,000 ($99.99).

-Spend Bucks to buy new pieces of equipment and recruit new Ghostbusters. Running low? If so, purchase more: 25,000 ($4.99), 55,000 ($9.99), 160,000 ($24.99), 400,000 ($49.99), 1,000,000 ($99.99).

Tips From Beeline

-When entering combat, you have a small window of time before ghosts attack. Use this time to position your Ghostbusters strategically.

-Become familiar with the different classes and their strengths. Let the Wranglers take the brunt of the damage while the Scientists heal them. Meanwhile, let the Blasters deal heavy damage to the ghosts.

-There are opportunities during combat between waves of ghosts attacking. Use these opportunities to heal any wounded busters and reposition them to take on the next wave.

-Many abilities will allow you to quickly heal or damage multiple targets at once.

-Be sure to always keep your equipment upgraded so you can take on harder challenges.

-If you're having difficulty with tough battles, try using Team Boosts. You can activate them by tapping on the Ecto-2 in the HQ and tapping on the Purchase Boosts button.

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