Gelato Mania serves up fun by the scoop, now on Android


Even though summer is still far off for those of us here in the US, Pudding Games has decided to offer a fun summer treat to Android gamers anyway, as Gelato Mania has finally been rolled out on Google Play. After launching on iOS way back in 2011, the game was downloaded more than 2.5 million times, but Android players have only now been invited to play along.

In each of Gelato Mania's 100 stages, players will watch ice cream cones come down a conveyor belt, and must then use cherries, whipped cream, food coloring and more to match the conveyor belt's ice cream with the desired recipe at the top of the screen. There are tons of combinations for toppings and scoop colors, making each frozen treat different than the last.

As you (hopefully) begin to excel at the game, you can share your high scores with friends and strangers via the app's Facebook and Twitter integration, or you can just continue to replay levels to increase your score. Each level has a maximum of three stars available depending on how accurately or how quickly you create each cone or bowl of gelato, and while the game is supported by ads, it's still free to play and try if you're interested. If you're still not convinced, check out the trailer below to see what to expect.

Download Gelato Mania on Android >

Have you tried Gelato Mania, or are you an Android gamer that's just getting in on the fun of the game now? Sound off in the comments!