EA pops Pogo's bubble, shuts down Pogo Games for Facebook Feb. 26


While the Pogo brand has been around for years, the name was never able to take off on Facebook as well as it did on its own website, as Pogo Games for Facebook now sits at just over 50,000 monthly active players. Due to this disappointing user base, EA has announced that Pogo Games for Facebook will be shut down on February 26.

The news comes by way of EA's service updates page, but the game itself on Facebook doesn't contain any mention of the game shutting down. In fact, new players are still allowed access to the game, and are allowed to create new screen names as though nothing has changed. If a Fan Page for the Pogo Games portal ever existed, we can no longer find it, so players that enjoy using Facebook to play games like Poppit Sprint or Sweet Tooth 2 will be in for a disappointing surprise come next month.

We've reached out to EA for more details on the closure of Pogo Games on Facebook, and we'll update this space if we hear back.

Are you disappointed to see Pogo Games for Facebook shut down? Do you still regularly play games on Pogo proper? Sound off in the comments!