ChefVille 'Who's The Admirer' Quests: Everything you need to know


As the Valentine's Day event in ChefVille rolls on, Madeline thinks she has narrowed down the possibilities for her secret admirer to three people, but she still needs more help from you to truly figure out who it is. There's a new upgrade available for the Romance Stove, and five new quests that must be completed over the next week in our restaurants. We're here with a guide to help you get started!

Making Your Move

  • Place the Romance Stove

  • Upgrade Romance Stove to Level 2

  • Eat 5 Dishes at Neighbors' Restaurants

By now, you should already have a fully built Romance Stove in your restaurant, so you'll just need to work on upgrading it. This upgrade requires two Romantic Recipe Cards, two Charming Candles, two Steamy Stemware, and five Burning Love Burners to unlock. The Love Burners are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, but all other items can be earned by posting general news requests to your feed.

Completing this upgrade gives you three new dishes to cook in the Romance Stove, and completing this quest gives you four Eggplants, 10 XP, and 20 coins.

Love and Tarts

  • Cook 4 Amorous Asparagus Cheese Tarts

  • Give 6 Chef's Services with Amorous Asparagus Cheese Tarts

  • Have 6 Flower Arrangements

The Amorous Asparagus Cheese Tarts are one of the three new dishes in the Romance Stove, and they require one Asparagus, three Mozzarella and one Flour to cook per patch. They take five minutes to prepare, and since you have to cook them four individual times, you should have no problem giving six chef's services with them while they are available.

As for the Flower Arrangements, these are earned by posting another general request to your news feed, asking all friends for help at once. Completing this second quest gives you four Asparagus and 15 XP. You'll also unlock the Romance Gift Basket in the store.

Bello's Basil

  • Place and Build one Romance Gift Basket

  • Serve 3 Basil Eggplant Soup

  • Have 10 Love Letters

Having 10 Love Letters unlocks the Bouquet of Flowers as a prize in this overall event, and you can place it in your restaurant for free after that point. For the Basil Eggplant Soup, this dish requires one Eggplant, three Onions and two Salt to prepare every six hours. You'll receive five Garlic, 10 XP, and 30 coins when you complete this quest.

Rock's Romance

  • Give 5 Chef's Services to Guests

  • Cook 4 Vegetable Souffle

  • Have 5 Gift Bows

The Gift Bows can be earned with your friends' help, while the Vegetable Souffle is the third new dish in the Romance Stove. It requires three Mushrooms, one Cheddar Cheese and one Flour to create. It can be cooked every two minutes, so you can easily finish this cooking task in this quest. You'll receive five Tuna, 15 XP, and 20 coins for completing the overall quest.

Waiting for Love

  • Serve 5 Amorous Asparagus Cheese Tarts

  • Have 8 Prep Talks

  • Have 42 Love Letters

There are 42 Love Letters available through this entire romantic Valentine's Day event, and you have just six days to earn the ones that you still need. When you complete this quest, you'll receive the Romantic Table, 15 XP, and 20 coins. Good luck completing them all in time!

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Have you already upgraded your Romance Stove in ChefVille? How many Love Letters have you earned so far in the entire Valentine's Day event? Sound off in the comments!