How Do You Land A Job In A Dried-Up Market?

Lunchtime Live - Career Reinvention

What do you do when your work suddenly dries up? Like millions of Americans, Gail Belsky found herself in this dilemma as her industry suddenly collapsed. "A lot of the people I used to know suddenly aren't [working] anymore," says Belsky, a writer, editor and author.

At 51, Belsky wasn't ready financially or psychologically to retire, so she began a quest to reinvent herself professionally, an experience she has been chronicling in her weekly blog for AOL Jobs. Belsky has been met with several career experts, from a social media guru to a coach who specializes in "3-minute makeovers."

On Friday, she appeared on AOL Jobs' Lunchtime Live to discuss what epiphanies she's had about changing careers -- and what she's learned that might benefit the rest of us. Does she think it's a mistake to have stayed home with her kids for 10 years, as she did? Does she think she's been too picky in her job search?

Watch the full interview here:

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