Are you smarter than a celebrity? Find out in Braindex on iPad


Trivia game fans have plenty of options for iPad fun, but TouchFrame's Braindex works a bit differently than the rest. Instead of testing your pop culture knowledge against your own friends or even against computer opponents, Braindex lets you compare your trivia know-how with celebrities that have answered the same sets of questions.

Braindex works like a game show, as celebrities of varying importance sit in the back of a van and answer trivia questions. You'll answer the same questions and can compare your "brain size" against the celebrity in question. Questions range from incredibly simple to incredibly difficult, and span a variety of topics from ancient history to music and film. As a game show format, each game can last up to 10 minutes, and you'll need to wait for new shows to be released on a weekly basis for new content once you've exhausted all of the "archived" episodes.

We'll have a complete review of Braindex in the coming days, but if our initial impressions are anything to go by, this is one free-to-play trivia game that you'll want to download as soon as you can.

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Have you tried Braindex? What do you think of this combination of "celebrity game show" with trivia questions? Sound off in the comments!