The Sims Social Unsinkable Love Quests 2: How to finish them fast

The Sims Social Unsinkable Love questsFrom poker to live music, the inhabitants of Little Haven will find there's still a lot to discover on board the T.S.S. Unsinkable. But most importantly this week, there's a ball to attend. It's time to dive right in and see where this week's quest takes you, thanks to a guide courtesy of The Sims Social team at Playfish. Pro Tip: Players who completed last week's quest on-time and finish off this week's on-time as well will receive the Unsinkable Love Boat as a reward.

Step 1 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • 'Go Upstairs'
  • 'Where's The Party?'

Click on the staircase to 'Go Upstairs'. Then go ahead and click on the Captain and select the option 'Where's the Party?' Rewards: 20 LP, 30 Simoleons, 20 XP, 1 Energy, Nuts & Bolts

Step 2 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • 'Change Course'
  • 'Stoke the boilers'

Click on the captain's wheel and select the option 'Change Course'. Then go ahead and click on the staircase to go down to the ship's boiler room and 'Stoke the boilers'. Do this twice. Rewards: 25 LP, 30 Simoleons, 25 XP, 2 Energy, Metal Bearings

Step 3 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • Build the radio
  • 'Radio in to Littlehaven'

Build the radio by gathering all the required collectibles. Once you've built the radio, click on it and select the option 'Radio in to Littlehaven'. Rewards: 30 LP, 30 Simoleons, 25 XP, 2 Energy, Screws

Step 4 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • Practice your 'Poker Face'
  • Skill up to level 8 on the Pokey's Game Table!
  • Collect 5 Joker Cards

Click on the poker table, on the upper deck and select the option, practice poker face. Collect 5 Joker Cards, you can ask friends for help. Rewards: 35 LP, 40 Simoleons, 30 XP, 2 Energy, Hype.The Sims Social Unsinkable Love guideStep 5 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • Click on Ballroom Door and 'Open' (You found the party!)
  • 'Mention Josh'
  • Complete the Third Stage of the ArcSteam Automobile

Click on Lily (NPC) and select the option 'Mention Josh'. Complete the third stage of the ArcSteam Automobile by completing all six steps. Rewards: 40 LP, 45 Simoleons, 45 XP, 3 Energy, Steel

Step 6 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • 'Join The Party!'
  • 'Cook Main Courses'
  • Skill up to Level 3 on the Unsinkable Quartet.

Post a feed and ask your friends to 'Join the Party!' Get three friends to click on the feed. Then go to the lower deck by clicking on the staircase and click on the Grandster Master Stove and select the option 'Cook Main Courses'. Rewards: 45 LP, 50 Simoleons, 50 XP, 3 Energy, Velvet

Step 7 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • Build the Unsinkable Dressing Table
  • Skill up to Level 9 on the Unsinkable Quartet
  • Yell 'Iceberg!'

Build the Unsinkable Dressing Table by gathering all required collectibles. Click on Lily's father and yell 'Iceberg!' to distract him. Rewards: 60 LP, 60 Simoleons, 75 XP, 3 Energy, Batteries

Step 8 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • 'Open Safe'
  • Finish building the ArcSteam Automobile.

Click on the safe to open it. Go ahead and complete building the ArcSteam Automobile by completing the remaining stages and steps. Rewards: 70 LP, 80 Simoleons, 80 XP, 4 Energy, Romance.The Sims Social Unsinkable Love screensStep 9 – Unsinkable Love - Part II
  • 'Insert Diamond'
  • 'To The Present!'

Click on the time machine and select the option 'Insert Diamond'. Then go ahead and click on the time machine and select the option 'To The Present'.

Collectibles Required:
Cogsworths Radio:
Hammer (5), Wrench (4), Hope (7), Goodwill (6), Nuts & Bolts (6)

Unsinkable Dressing Table:
Cloth (5), Solid Wood (6), Velvet (7), Nuts & Bolts (5), Diamond (6)
Skill up on the Pokey's Game Table:
Clues (6), Goodwill (1), Logic (13), Idea (1), Joker Card (5), Playing Cards (7), Dice (9), Wisdom (5), Hope (4), Confidence (10), Deep Thought (5), Fury (5), Dream inspiration (2), Hint (8), Hype (7), Clues (9)

Skill up on the Unsinkable Quartet:
Guitar Pick (1), Love (7), Entertainment (1), Goodwill (2), Idea (2), Music Mixes (10), Chord (2), Warm Feelings (3), Phat Beat (6), Sound Sample (9), Romance (11), Amplifier (4), Sheet Music (9), Metronome (9), Deep Thought (2), Groove (5), Esteem, (5), Passion (5), Melody (7), Frozen Love (8), Happiness (6)

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