Swing into action with Super Knights, now available on Android


First released on iOS back in July of 2012, Focus Home Entertainment and Chillingo's Super Knights started as a $0.99 title that eventually dropped to a free-to-play price last month. The game challenges players to use momentum to fly and swing around nodes placed randomly in the sky, while ramming their knight into cages to free princesses or collect gemstones.

The game, which has also been known as "Knights of the Round Cable," challenges players to reach the highest score possible without losing all of their health hearts to obstacles that also fly through the sky, but Android players were never able to get in on the fun until now. After quite a delay, Super Knights has finally come to Android, and like its iOS predecessor, the game is free to download and play.


While Super Knights may be an "old" game in the iOS space, it's still really fun to play, with missions to complete for coins and stronger knights, and power-ups that can be purchased in the store. These power-ups might give your knight a magnet field that pulls in surrounding gemstones, or they can simply give your knight more hit points before he's actually knocked out for good.

If you've yet to try Super Knights, and you happen to own an Android device, you can now download the game for free on the Google Play store. Or, feel free to check out the screenshots above and trailer below for more information.

Download Super Knights on Android >

Have you tried Super Knights on iOS, or now Android? What's your high-score in this high-flying mobile game? Sound off in the comments!