Might & Magic Clash of Heroes iOS Cheats and Tips

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is out now on the App Store, and we gave the game a hearty 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review earlier this morning. If you're completely new to the game, some of the core puzzling concepts take a little getting used to, so we've pulled together some hints and tips to get you off to a flying start.

How do I create an attacking unit in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?Might and Magic Clash of HeroesBasic units are created in the game by joining three units of the same type and color together in a line. Vertically, they will form an attacking force, while a horizontal placement turns them into a defensive wall. Note that different units have different timers before they become active.

How do the timers work in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?

Whenever you create an attacking unit in the game, you'll notice that a number appears on top of that collective unit. This is the number of turns that need to pass before the unit will automatically attack the enemy. It's really important to keep an eye on the enemy's timers - don't be tempted to focus on attacking a mighty champion that won't be active for half a dozen turns, if you can hit your opponent's "home" line and destroy him before the champion even becomes active.

How does the Fusing system work in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?

Fusing occurs when two sets of units are stacked on top of each other, enhancing their attacking strength. Use of Fusion is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a Champion or Elite unit, and if you're running out reinforcements it can be a very effective strategy for increasing your chances of success.

How does Linking work in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?Might and Magic Clash of Heroes cheatsUnit Links are formed when you create multiple sets of the same color in a single turn. Links are best created during the stage of the game where you aren't under heavy threat, so when the game begins you should focus on creating as many Links as possible before your opponent has built a sizeable army himself.

How do I create a wall in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?

Walls are created when units of the same color and type are placed horizontally in a group of three or more. The wall will mitigate part of the damage inflicted by an activate enemy unit. Different walls have different abilities, such as self-healing, so experiment with your different unit types. Note that your own units bypass the defensive capability of your walls.

How do I remove units from the battlefield in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?

Sometimes it can be more effective to lose a unit entirely if it will help create a new attacking or defensive unit. To remove a unit that's in the way, simply hold your finger down on top of it until a circle is drawn around it, then tap the red cross that appears. Be aware that the unit's gone for good when you do this, although it's often worth the sacrifice if it means creating an attacking unit earlier.

How can I gain more Mana in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?Might and Magic Clash of Heroes tipsAs you level up your hero, you'll gain more HP and Mana. During combat, you'll receive a Mana point for every point of damage you do to your opponent's home line, and you'll also receive Mana when you're attacked (half the incoming damage). You also get a little bit of Mana every time you Link or Fuse units.

How should I handle spell damage in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?

When you cause damage to your opponent, you also grant them a little bit of Mana. It can often be very sensible to save your own spell casting until their Mana meter is full, as you'll deliver your own damage without giving them any more Mana in the process.

What's the best strategy for taking down a Champion in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?

The AI will often go out of its way to protect a Champion from what it perceives to be a looming threat. If you want to "game" the system a little, you can position plenty of units in the same column as your opponent's Champion, forcing the AI to waste moves by getting it out of harm's way.

What are the differences between the different faction walls in Might & Magic Clash of Heroes?Might and Magic Clash of Heroes cheats tipsThe walls of each faction provide different benefits on the battlefield. Sylvan walls gain a little health each turn, Haven walls are particularly durable, Necropolis walls create new walls whenever idle units are destroyed, Inferno walls are flimsy due to the faction's strong power, and Academy wall stats are affected by the number of walls in play.

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