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As Zynga continues to expand its focus on virtual casino games, the Big Z has also opened its proverbial arms to other developers that are doing the same. In addition to Double Jump's Go Slots, RocketPlay's Lucky Play Casino & Sportsbook is now also available for play on both and Facebook.

Lucky Play combines slot machines with table games and sports betting, which is actually still a rather unique addition in the virtual gambling arena. The Sportsbook section of the game allows you to bet on real, live games and the menu updates in real time to show you the current score. Unless you're familiar with sports betting in the real world, this section of the game can be incredibly overwhelming, and there aren't enough tutorials to help you through the terminology and intricacies of each bet. Thankfully, the rest of the game handles much better.

Each slot machine comes with its own theme, and can be customized in terms of lines and bet per line, as you'd expect. There's an auto spin button if you'd like the game to automatically run in the background, along with a simple Max Bet button that will bet as much as possible (given your current settings) each time you click it. The auto spin button is actually really nicely designed, as it allows you to choose from a selection of spin amounts, depending on how long you'd actually like the game to automatically run. If you ever run out of money or hit a bonus game, it will stop to pull you back into the action.


Outside of the slot machines and Sportsbook, you can play Video Poker or Blackjack, with more tables being marked as "coming soon." Video Poker can be played in either "Jacks or Better" or "Deuces Wild" machines, while Blackjack is strictly Blackjack against the dealer.

You'll earn experience points as you make bets, regardless of the gameplay mode, and you'll unlock higher bets across the game's machines or tables as you level up. All told, Lucky Play's graphics and sound effects are basic, and the game works like most other casino games that have been released on Facebook or even mobile over the past few months. Still, the inclusion of a Sportsbook is definitely interesting for those that understand that kind of gambling, and the promise of more games being added in the future gives us something to look forward to. If you'd like to try your luck on Lucky Play's slot machines or tables, you can now play the game for free on Facebook or

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