League of Legends Mac client live on test servers

League of Legends MacBack in September 2011, Riot Games shut down their League of Legends Mac client "indefinitely". After over a year of development, Riot decided they couldn't keep up with the quality they wanted from their game on Mac. While press and fans have bugged Riot about getting the Mac client back online, nothing has ever been definite – just more of the 'in the future' sort of run-around answers. Learning from Magma Chamber, Riot no longer announces things early until they are certain it is definite. While Boompie has been keeping the LoL Mac community alive, there have always been problems despite it being downloaded 1 million times and launched over 16 million times.

Now Boompie with Riot associate producer Steve "Udyr" Mieczkowski made an announcement yesterday concerning the LoL Mac client. Boompie said:
In October of 2012, Riot extended a very courteous invitation to 10 of our team members to visit the Season 2 Championships and furthermore, visit Riot's HQ in Santa Monica, CA to test the partially completed Mac Client.
What this means is that Riot is near done with a PC and Mac cross platform client. I mean, after all, when you have the most played game in the world, it only makes sense that you want to continue gaining as many players as you can. By bridging the two platforms, I can see more players getting hooked and involved in the League of Legends community. While this new Mac client is only in beta, it IS on the test server right now. So, if you're a Mac player, definitely check this out. You can get the client HERE.

[newsoflegends] via [boompje]GameZone

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