Guns at Home: Where a Shooting Range Comes With the House


We've been talking about guns in America over the last week, and we know that the debate over gun control can get very heated. But let's leave aside for a moment the question of whether gun permits in a neighborhood help or hurt property values and instead take a look at the real estate itself. Here are properties that both pro- and anti-gun forces might at least agree are impressive (or intimidating). Thanks to our friends at Estately for tipping us off to this smokin' real estate!

Newtown Square, Penn.

This $16.95 million home has a basement shooting range. Thanks to the unique requirements and building permits necessary to build an indoor shooting range, you won't happen upon these homes very often. But if you're hell-bent on blowing off some steam during television commercials, maybe it's worth it.

Rutledge, Ga.

If all the red tape is stopping you from building a shooting range in your own home, then building one outside your home is probably the next best thing. See this $925,000 home in Rutledge, for example. All you need is some wide open space for a professional-looking rifle range with bullet-stops and target-holders.

Mitchells, Va.

If shotguns are more your thing, then this $149,000 property with its own backyard skeet shooting range may be the home for you. (For those not in the know, skeet shooting is when marksmen aim at clay disks automatically flung into the air at high speed from fixed stations.) It doesn't take as much effort to build as a full-fledged rifle range; in fact, "traps" -- the devices that launch the disks -- can be bought as-is (and online!).

Chadwick, Ill.

If archery is more up your alley, then how about this $275,000 home with an indoor archery range? It also comes with $40,000 in retail inventory and displays.

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