ChefVille: Earn free Chef Cash with Zynga Serve Rewards


Over the past few months, we've seen Zynga's partnership with Serve Rewards allow players in games like CastleVille or CityVille to earn free premium currency for signing up and using American Express' prepaid card. Now, a similar promotion has come to ChefVille, but you don't have to actually spend any money to get something for free.

From now until April 15, the ChefVille Serve Promotion will allow players to plant a Money Tree in their restaurant, which can be tended five times for free, once per day. These five tends will give you XP, ingredients, and free Chef Cash, until you earn the five free Chef Cash that are available.

If you're actually willing to sign up for a Serve Card, you can earn up to 1,235 Chef Cash in total by signing up for an account, activating your card, adding money to the card, and then spending that money between now and April 15. Again, this 1,235 Chef Cash is rolled out in chunks after completing each individual step, and you're likely not going to be able to earn any additional Chef Cash in ChefVille if you've already participated in a Serve Card event in another Zynga game.

As one final reminder, this event will cost real money to complete, unless you're fine just sticking with the five Chef Cash you can earn for free. Whatever the case, make sure to click on the purple Serve logo in the corner of the screen to claim your free Money Tree and five Chef Cash now!

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Will you take part in this Serve Card promotion in ChefVille or will you just claim your five free Chef Cash and call it a day? Sound off in the comments!