Game of the Day: After Fancy Yachts


While spending time on a fancy yacht might sound like a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, things can quickly become annoying (or worse) when you find yourself locked in one of the rooms aboard said yacht, with only the tools in front of you to escape. In today's Game of the Day, Big Fish's After Fancy Yachts, that's exactly what has happened to you, as you'll need to search every nook and cranny of your small surroundings to solve puzzles, find hidden objects and eventually escape.

The gameplay in After Fancy Yachts is incredibly straightforward. You'll click on the edges of the screen to rotate the camera, while your inventory is constantly displayed at the bottom of the screen. You'll solve puzzles using clues you'll find around the area, bringing in observation to the game, as a puzzle solution may be right in front of you, but you never actually noticed it until you take a second (or third) look.

You'll be given only a few clues along the way, like one saying that you need to smash a flower pot to find what's inside, but the rest will really be up to you. Do you have what it takes to investigate your surroundings and find a way out of the room? Find out by playing After Fancy Yachts for free right here on!

Note: If you get stuck, check out this video walkthrough to finishing the game!

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Have you tried After Fancy Yachts? Were you able to escape from the room, or are you still trapped? Sound off in the comments!