What Investors Should Be Watching With Costco

In the video below, Fool analysts Blake Bos and Isaac Pino discuss Costco Wholesale and what investors need to keep their eye on.

Costco brings an interesting model to retail: Not a lot of promotions, not a lot of marketing. But people love it.

The question is: Can that translate to other countries? Costco has expanded to the U.K., where it now has 22 stores, and into Mexico and high-growth areas like the Pacific Rim, Australia, and South Korea, Isaac says.

But it faces competition. PriceSmart has a strong presence in Latin America and Wal-Mart is known around the globe.

Membership is also another important area to watch for Costco. The company has sustained double-digit membership growth. But it also is looking to grow its pricier executive memberships. That could bring more to the bottom line.

Investors should keep a close eye on membership renewals and upgrades, Isaac says.

Costco Wholesale's low prices haven't just benefited customer-- shareholders have walloped the market, returning 11,000% over the past two decades. However, with prices near all-time highs, is the ride over for Costco investors? To answer that and more, we've compiled a premium research report with in-depth analysis on Costco. Simply click here now to gain instant access to this valuable investor's resource.

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