Touch, Voice, and the Future of Computers


The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show was a treasure trove of ideas for investors. analyst Rex Moore was in Las Vegas for the event, and spoke with economist Shawn DuBravac about the consumer electronics trends we'll continue to see throughout the next couple of years.

In the video below, Shawn talks about a blurring between tablets and computers, and exciting new ways we'll interface with these devices. This includes an announcement from Intel that it wants certain classes of ultrabooks to be touchscreen only. Nuance and IBM also figure heavily in the future, as devices are able to move beyond the current Siri-style voice prompts and toward more natural language recognition.

Speech recognition is yet another nascent technology set to explode with the rise of tablets and smartphones, and no company is better poised to benefit from this coming boom than Nuance Communications. However, this growth story doesn't come without risks, too. The Motley Fool recently published a premium research report to break down what investors interested in Nuance absolutely have to understand before investing, so click here now to grab your copy today.

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