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Have you ever thought about how you could sweet talk your boss? Did you know that saying certain words, in just the right way, could make all the difference in your relationship? Get your mind out of the gutter -- we're talking professional relationships here!

It is smart to consider that your boss is human, too. (Really -- no matter what you think of him or her, unless you work for a certified robot, that fact is undeniable.) When you give your boss credit for being a person with feelings, it's not difficult to identify what you can say to curry some favor. It can also help you get a new job down the road.

"Yes, of course. I'd be happy to. Not a problem." Who doesn't love an employee who doesn't hesitate to jump on board with a positive attitude, without complaining? Even if you're really thinking, "Are you kidding me?" try taking the high road and being agreeable and you may notice your boss' attitude toward you improves significantly.

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"How can I help?" We all welcome a helping hand in our personal and professional lives. Volunteering to take on a project or work that no one else wants to do can help raise your profile in your organization. If you execute it well and accomplish the goals you set out to reach, you'll be better positioned than ever to make a case for a raise, promotion or other special favor in the future.

"I'd like to learn more about that." Have you ever thought about volunteering to take on additional training or to learn something new? Yes, it may take up some of your free time, but maybe you can learn something (on the company's dime) that will make you more marketable and more crucial to your current company.

"What can I do to improve?" This is music to a boss' ears. It indicates the employee welcomes feedback and opens the door to two-way communication that benefits the boss and employee. You don't want to be the one who is blindsided by a bad review because you never knew you weren't doing an amazing job. When you take initiative and ask for advice about how to do better, not only do you get information you need, you demonstrate an aspect of emotional intelligence and self awareness that employers appreciate. Being known as someone who requests feedback can actually help you land an opportunity in the future.

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"We can solve that problem; here's how." When you take the proverbial reigns and acknowledge that the issues at hand are not insurmountable, you will win friends and influence people. Who doesn't want to have someone willing to "just do it" on their team? Even better -- when you offer a solution at the same time you agree to help, there's no doubt you'll be a boss favorite.

"I love my job." If you do enjoy your job, it's a good idea to let your boss know. Be specific. Explain what you like, and it's OK (once you have a good relationship) to share what pieces of your job description are not at the top of your "favorites" list, as long as you don't make a habit of complaining.

"You're a great boss. Thank you for all you do." You need your boss to advocate for you -- give back a little with some kind words. Even if you have a difficult relationship, you can still probably find something to admire or a compliment you can give your boss. You don't need to be a "kiss up" or brown-noser, but it's not a bad idea to toss a kind word or at least a "thank you" every once in a while.

How to Talk to Your Boss

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