Arkadium updates Mahjongg Dimensions Blast to keep players coming back for more


When it comes to Facebook puzzle games, balloon-poppers may be all the rage, but Arkadium's Mahjongg Dimensions Blast proves that other styles of puzzle games can also stand the test of time on Facebook and beyond. In order to keep things fresh, though, Arkadium has updated Mahjongg Dimensions with a slightly new and improved look, an experience points bar and more. We're here with a look at the game's updates, which might be enough to bring former players back to the game.

Perhaps the biggest update is the addition of the experience points bar, which will allow you to track your progress outside of just keeping track of your high score. As players level up, they'll earn rewards at specific intervals in the experience point bar, along with coins at the end of each individual level.


In addition to this improvement, we can now earn coins for free by continuing to play the game, with these coins going to purchase boosts. There are 18 new collections and 85 new boosts to unlock by playing, along with new mystery gift boxes that offer rewards between levels. In terms of the Boosts, some include the Pot of Gold or Heart of Gold Boosts, which are both available for 20,000 coins each. Regardless of the Boost or price, they'll all work to help you earn points in your game, by increasing your time, lowering the amount of symbols on the board or increasing your score multiplier, as examples.

On top of all of this, players can now customize their gameplay experience with themed backgrounds depending on their mood or current preference.

"Our Mahjongg Dimensions Blast fans are some of the most loyal and active on Facebook, and we're always working to deliver the best experience to them," said Zach Gabrielski, Mahjongg Dimensions Blast product manager, via a company release. "We wanted to ensure this new update made the game more engaging and fun than ever before, and what better way than to base it on what our players had to say and how they played the game. We hope the end product blows away their expectations and they enjoy it as much as we do!"

If you'd like to try these updates for yourself, just hop into the game on Facebook using the link below.

Play Mahjongg Dimensions Blast on Facebook >

Have you tried Mahjongg Dimensions Blast to see any of these updates in action? What do you think of the improvements? Were they needed? Sound off in the comments!