Enola: Prelude brings turn based combat to Games.com for free


When you think of games that are free to play in your browser, you might think of only the simplest games like puzzlers or word games, but there's actually room for a lot of depth in these "tiny" packages. We're given an example of that with Mochi Games and Grindhead's Enola: Prelude, a turn-based RPG that brings classic console gameplay to Games.com for free.

Enola: Prelude stars a young man who sets out from his tiny, protected village to discover the details surrounding his father's death and eventually defeat an evil creature that is only rumored to actually exist. Primarily a battle game, Enola: Prelude sees you and your opponents standing on opposite sides of the screen, with each character having a move timer. When the timer fills for a particular character, it can perform an action such as attacking or healing.

Attacks can be strictly melee based, with swords of varying designs and strengths, or they can employ magic using your limited amount of Mana Points (that slowly recharge automatically over time). Each location within the game comes with a specific amount of enemies that must be defeated all in a row before you can head to stores to upgrade your current load out. The Weaponsmith, for instance, can be used to create new weapons using the resources you'll find in your journey (wood, gold, etc.).

The longer you play, the more in-game achievements you'll unlock and the stronger your overall character will become as it gains levels. While your most obvious plan should be to attack at least one enemy on every turn, you may eventually need to heal your character as they become injured, or you can even use attacks that can hit more than one character at once to help even the playing field. Of course, the stronger the move, the more Mana that's required to perform it. With no Mana, you can't heal your character, so there's a lot of strategy to be found in this otherwise straightforward package.

If you're still looking for more, after completing the main campaign, you can start the game all over again in the much more challenging "Prestige" mode. You'll keep your items, weapons and spells, but the map resets and enemies become much more difficult to defeat. Do you think you have what it takes to beat Enola: Prelude once, let alone twice? Find out by playing the game now on Games.com for free!

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