Game of the Day: Eggz


Easter may still be a few months away, but today's Game of the Day might put you in the mood for dyed eggs and chocolates as Arkadium's Eggz takes center stage.

In each round of Eggz, your object is to shoot multi-colored eggs to the top of the screen to make matches of three or more like-colored eggs that will explode and disappear from the screen. As you clear a path towards the top of the level, more eggs will fall in from the top, making your job more difficult. If you can clear enough space across the wooden board at the top of the screen, and can throw an egg up to hit that wooden board, you'll complete your current level and will move onto the next.

Eggz is timed, but not in the way you'd expect. Instead of having separate time limits for each stage, there's one continuous time limit that starts at five minutes, and counts down as you play, regardless of how many levels you pass. The game ends when time runs out or you allow eggs to cross the bottom of the screen, whichever comes first. This makes Eggz a challenging, yet infinitely "replayable" bubble-popper, since you'll always have your previous high score to shoot for and cross. If you'd like to try your hand at slinging eggs, you can now play the game for free right here on!

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