ChefVille 'Get Comfortable' Quests: Everything you need to know


The Burger Station event has wrapped up in ChefVille, and the Valentine's Day event is at its halfway point, So, Zynga has released another set of quests to give us something to do while earning Mastery Stars and Love Letters. The Southern Comfort Food Station is now available, and brings with it some Southern favorites like Smothered Chicken. It also has three quests to go along with it, which we'll help you finish.

Smother the Chicken

  • Place and Build the Southern Comfort Food Station

  • Cook Smothered Chicken 3 Times

  • Tend Milk Trucks in Neighbors' Restaurants 7 Times

The Southern Comfort Food Station is placed via this quest window and unwrapped with three energy. It then requires five Crockpot Craving and five Soul Food Sojourn items to complete. The Crockpot Cravings are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the other five items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. When the Southern Comfort Food Station is completed, you'll be able to cook Smothered Fried Chicken using three Chicken, three Onions and two Flour each.

A single serving of Smothered Fried Chicken requires three hours to cook, but if you want to just get this task out of the way

]fast, without worrying about wasting ingredients or not earning mastery stars, you can simply click to start this dish, and then immediately cancel it until you've cooked it three times. Regardless of whether you cancel these dishes or wait to serve them, you'll receive four Cornmeal, 10 XP, and 15 coins for completing this quest.

Hush, Puppy

  • Place and Complete the Cornmeal Crates

  • Collect 9 Tomatoes

  • Have 1 Mastery Star on Hush Puppies

The Hush Puppies are cooked using two Cornmeal, one Onion, and one Salt for each batch. A single serving of Hush Puppies takes give minutes to prepare. As for the Cornmeal Crate, this item is placed via this quest window and then unwrapped using three energy. You'll need to collect five Cornmeal Grinders and five Johnny Cake Cat Calls to complete a single Cornmeal Crates items. The Cornmeal Grinders are earned by posting a general news request to your wall, while the Johnny Cake Cat Calls are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends. When you complete this quest, you'll receive four Gravies, 10 XP, and 15 coins.

The Comfort of Gravy

  • Get 6 Southern Comfort from Friends

  • Tend 15 Mushrooms

  • Serve Cornmeal Grits with Gravy 2 Times

The Mushrooms are tended either on your own land or in your friends' restaurants, so don't worry about wasting your own energy unless you'd simply like to. For the Cornmeal Grits and Gravy, this dish requires two Cornmeal, two Gravy and two Milk to prepare. As you work on mastering this dish, you'll probably run out of Gravy, but you can always craft more in the Western Sauce Station using one Beef Broth and two Flour per batch. The actual Cornmeal Grits with Gravy dish takes six hours to cook, so unless you use spices, you're looking at a timer of at least 12 hours to finish this quest. Luckily, we've been given 11 days to complete them all, which we think you can handle.

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Have you already finished your Southern Comfort Food Station? What do you think of the time limit for these quests? Is it too short? Sound off in the comments!