2013 CTPartners Annual Hot Jobs Report: 20 Executive Jobs in High Demand as Five Big Ideas Drive Hir


2013 CTPartners Annual Hot Jobs Report:
20 Executive Jobs in High Demand as Five Big Ideas Drive Hiring

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Global executive search firm CTPartners (NYSE MKT: CTP) today released Hot Jobs, its 18th annual forecast of executive jobs expected to be in demand in the coming year. According to CTPartners, the economic and political uncertainty that held back job growth in 2012 is easing as we head into 2013. CEOs have more clarity, if not exactly enthusiasm, with the U.S. presidential election decided, signs of an improving economy, and in spite of ongoing budget battles in Washington.

CTPartners cites five specific Big Ideas that drove hiring in strategic areas last year and will continue to generate investment in 2013. In tech, Big Data, Cloud Services and Digital Technologies are not new, but are ongoing transformational shifts that will impact industries for years to come.

In financial services, Risk and Recovery Strategies have kept executive hiring strong in several areas: legal, compliance, risk management and wealth management. Compliance looms large as companies deal with Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare; risk has remained a priority since the fiscal crisis began in 2008; and financial services companies continue to look for new revenues through diversification and asset management, especially for the creation of new products and markets, including electronic payments to build new revenue streams for banks.

Healthcare Reform is driving Big Pharma, device and diagnostic companies to new levels of efficiency and data integration as they comply with ObamaCare and move toward more proactive and cost-effective population health management. Integrated electronic records remain a priority for healthcare IT.

CTPartners' CEO Brian Sullivan notes that other major trends favoring job creation are in play. He cites the American domestic energy boom which generated an 11 percent increase in U.S. oil production from 2006-2011, taking U.S. production to the highest level since 1998. There has also been a 25 percent increase in natural gas production (an all-time high), and a 100 percent increase in renewables.*

Sullivan says, "Globally, there is demand for local nationals living in other countries to return home to strengthen local companies, and companies in all geographies are looking to expand into emerging markets, including Africa. There are many macro forces at work that favor increased global hiring in 2013, but the areas where we see the most excitement, especially in the U.S., are Big Data, Cloud, Digital, Risk and Recovery, and Healthcare Reform. We don't expect major capital investment, but even cautious companies recognize that they have businesses to run and are better positioned to make strategic investments now that they know what the rules are. We see gradual hiring increases as CEOs and boards settle into this period of greater economic clarity."

Top 20 Executive Hot Jobs for 2013:


VP Digital Marketing

With a seemingly endless expansion in the number of media channels to contend with, companies need executives with the ability to create and implement strategic marketing programs that span multiple platforms, from online to mobile to digital signage, that drive sales, membership and website traffic.

Consumer Internet Chief

Responsible for an organization's overall online presence, this executive develops an online strategy that encompasses not just online strategy, but internal and external promotion, content creation, design development and implementation, and online partnership building. The Consumer Internet Chief also coordinates with ad sales efforts, editorial and consumer marketing decisions, design plans, and overall strategic planning for the online business.

Chief Marketing Information Officer(CMIO)

With the advent of Big Data, cloud analytics, digital marketing and multichannel integrated marketing, the CMO needs help with the new depth and breadth of technologies required to effectively manage and deliver the marketing function for the enterprise. The CMO does not have the technical capabilities to manage design, evaluate, implement, manage and optimize these new technologies and the CIO has a much broader mandate than just marketing to focus sufficient attention on this space to help marketing deliver on its revenue growth mandates. Reporting to the CMO and CEO, the chief marketing information officer provides the range and scope of skills required.

Head of Analytics, Big Data

With the amount of data within organizations continuing to grow exponentially, having someone in place who can effectively make sense of it all and develop and maintain key business intelligence (BI) reporting frameworks and tools has never been more critical. This executive must have advanced information management and analytical skills, as well as business expertise - essentially "data scientists" who can find nuggets of insight like needles in a haystack.

Multichannel Director, Retail

These strategic executives possess a mix of web and traditional retailing expertise, enabling them to take a more holistic view of online commercial challenges. Skills and competencies required for the role include social media expertise, an understanding of buyer behavior and experience of the transactional logistics of managing the online retail experience. It is important to be able to take a holistic perspective of the customer journey so the retailer can effectively integrate the various components.

VP Cloud Services

This role is especially hot for tech and services companies looking to cloud-enable their product/service offerings so they don't miss the emergence of this fast growth market space. Responsible for the development of the next generation of software and services delivered on demand over the Internet via remote data centers, executives in demand are P&L, technology and product leaders who have worked in a cloud business that managed to make money and be positioned for future growth. The creation of this type of position within a firm has the potential to fundamentally change the way products and services are delivered to clients and consumers, providing greater flexibility, ease of use, and a better price point.


Compliance Manager

Today's strong regulatory environment means that companies need compliance teams capable of protecting their alignment with complex laws, including Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act and ObamaCare. Infrastructure hiring - of risk, financial, audit, compliance, legal, technology and operational executives - will continue in 2013 in response to regulatory requirements.

Officer, Government and Regulatory Affairs

Companies and trade associations in highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy and financial services continue to search for top leadership to navigate complex regulations. Technical knowledge of product life cycle to assure safe and effective products in healthcare, for example, or accounting and investment practices within regulations in financial services to avoid global economic crises continue to make these positions priority hires.

Chief Risk Officer

A critical role since the upheaval caused by the 2008 financial crisis, CROs are responsible for protecting and managing all types of risk, from enterprise risk to market credit and operational risk. Dodd-Frank and Basel III added another layer of legislation and compliance, keeping control functions in demand across sectors.

Asset Management

Investment executives with asset allocation and macro strategy skills are in demand, as global economic pressures continue and regulatory demands and operating and technology changes impact key decisions.

Wealth Management Professional

Wealthy Baby Boomers, along with other high net worth investors, need advice in the face of tax changes, complicated market opportunities and a cloudy future for global investments. Executives with experience offering financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services and legal/estate planning will be in demand as the economy improves in 2013 as anticipated.

Emerging Payments Officer and Payments Executive

The interconnection between payments and the consumer relationship has gained momentum that shocked even the most prepared financial services companies. The payment stream contains a treasure trove of big data that will lead a decade worth of consumer strategy, and financial institutions that miss the opportunity to link with the world's leading retailers will be left behind. Banks have extraordinary access to knowledge of consumer behavior, so for payments executives who can leverage it, the sky's the limit.


Chief Operations and Integration Officer (COIO)

Hospitals cannot continue to operate in business as usual mode. They need to create new partnerships and alliances and need to create alignment with Physicians/Physician Groups. Reporting to the CEO, the COIO is a key leader in pursuing these strategies that support hospitals moving from responding to the acutely ill/injured to a more proactive model of population health management.

Chief Business Officer, Healthcare

Requires a strong understanding of the market potential of new innovations as the crossover increases between medical hardware, software and informatics. High-tech medical technology, diagnostics and devices are being leveraged for the good of the patient. Business/commercial strategists who can straddle regulatory, medical and economic challenges, focus on commercial strategy and as such feed into sales force effectiveness are highly sought after.

VP Market Access

Market Access is the hot topic in bio, pharma, device and diagnostic companies, as they are behind the curve in addressing the ever changing routes to market. Product introduction is much more complex today than in the past, and a complete rethink is needed by market professionals who understand the new priorities.

VP/SVP Clinical Development

The pharmaceutical industry is continually reducing forces globally but needs MDs who can develop their pipeline to ensure a steady stream of new or improved medicines. At the same time, MDs with a strong business sense and the ability to lead are in short supply. While we continue to see significant reductions in employment in the industry, the quest for clinical leaders remains stronger than ever. They are typically MDs, MDs/PhDs, MDs/PhDs/MBAs with 10 to 15 years of clinical leadership roles with deep therapeutic expertise.

VP of Marketing, Healthcare

New markets for healthcare services offer opportunities and complexities as new healthcare legislation changes the dynamics of the industry. Although companies across disciplines have been preparing for the impact of expanded healthcare services, there is a growing need for marketing executives who can martial digital technologies and partnerships to make their offerings and services competitive.

VP, Sales Force Effectiveness

Companies want to ensure their sales force is acting effectively, rather than bringing additional resources into the business. Companies need to consolidate the sales teams rather than expand them. Executives with industry and organizational skills will find opportunities in 2013.

Chief Marketing Information Officer, Clinical Informatics (CMIO)

The Life Science CMO is faced with a new depth and breadth of technologies - Big Data, cloud analytics, digital marketing and multichannel integrated marketing - that are required to effectively manage and deliver the marketing function for the enterprise. The CMO does not have the technical capabilities to manage design, evaluate, implement and optimize these new technologies, and the CIO has a much broader mandate than just marketing to focus sufficient attention on this space to help marketing deliver on its revenue growth mandates. The CMIO fills in the gaps.

VP, Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT remains a priority as new healthcare legislation and the integration of medical records continue to shape the direction of the industry. Executives with business, industry and technology skills experienced in working across all functions in healthcare organizations are still hard to find and highly valued.

*Energy Industry Statistics: BloombergBusinessweek (Rob Barnett and Anthony Costello, "Growing U.S. Energy Supply Alters Political Debate: BGOV Insight," September 2, 2012)

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