SimCity beta videos leak online, watch while you can

SimCity Beta videosMarch 5th is a day that most of us at FEZ can't wait for. This is the day the new SimCity game comes out. N is the most excited of us all, trying to get into the closed beta without any luck. The people that do get in to the beta are supposed to be reporting bugs and not videos but luckily for us, they have. These videos show how awesome the game is going to be. It still looks like the SimCity I'm used to but, way better.

The first video runs through the tutorial city and kind of give you a quick run down on how everything works. The second video shows off the road system. Not only can you create your standard straight roads, they've incorporated curved and circle roads. If that isn't enough for you, just draw your own roads!

Check out this video on Facebook that is showing someone starting a city from scratch. It's awesome to see how simple they've made setting up zones for everything. These videos have just made me more eager to play the game!Flesh Eating Zipper

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