Running With Friends: Zynga's run in with another popular genre?

Running With Friends
Running With Friends

Whoa, did you see that? I think ... I think that was Zynga running headfirst into yet another popular game genre. According to The Next Web, that's exactly what it was. The creator of FarmVille has released a new member of the With Friends family (e.g. Words With Friends, Scramble With Friends) on the Canadian App Store, Running With Friends.

If your mind already raced to the phrase "endless runner," then you're right on the money. In the same vein of genre classics like Temple Run, players of Running With Friends are in the middle of fleeing from the bulls of Pamplona. (Actually we're kind of surprised no one has taken that approach yet.) In short, this is a third-person, 3D endless runner ... 'nuff said.

The Next Web reports that Running With Friends is available on the Canadian App Store as of this writing, but it appears that it has already been taken down. Unfortunately, all hard evidence we have of Running With Friends is that image and multiple reports. Given that Temple Run 2 just launched to fervor, it shouldn't be much longer before the pistol goes off.

[Via Inside Social Games]

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