If You Like... The Legend of Zelda, get adventurous with Hero's Arm

Hero's Arm
Hero's Arm

If you're in your twenties or older, you remember the first time you played the first-ever The Legend of Zelda game. It's safe to say that it was a--dare we say--magical experience ... right up until it grew too difficult to figure the hell out and you gave up. While there's absolutely no comparison, Hero's Arm by Berzerk Studio pays a shining tribute to those days of gaming.

From its top-down perspective to its deliberate combat and fourth wall-breaking humor, Hero's Arm takes all of the observations made toward The Legend of Zelda into account. Players embark on a journey to defeat the evil (albeit a big wuss) Gordzak that sees them crawling deep into dank, dreary dungeons, striding across verdant fields and climbing imposing mountains to find a way into his fortress. All the while, you'll level up, earn new weapons and armor and discover new ways to lay the smack down.

Hero's Arm, like its obvious inspirations, is one of the games you'll easily find yourself lost in--especially if you play in full screen mode. It's rare to find games this engrossing and vast on the web, so cherish your time with it right here on Games.com.

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