GameHouse Slots goes for the jackpot on iOS, Facebook


Slot machine games are still all the rage on Facebook and mobile, so it comes as no surprise that GameHouse has entered into the virtual gambling arena with GameHouse Slots on both iOS and Facebook. GameHouse Slots offers plenty of different themed slot machines, from an arctic board full of penguins to a machine full of firefighters, with multiple boards in between.

As with most slot machine games, GameHouse Slots starts with a single machine, with more tables unlocking as players continue to bet their virtual winnings to earn experience points. Players can choose the number of lines they play on each spin, and can increase or decrease their "bet per line" at any time in between spins. Mini-games are scattered throughout each game, like one that sees you clicking on ice blocks as you avoid seals to earn extra money, as an example.

A VIP machine is available for players with at least $25,000, and more coins can be purchased with real world money to instantly unlock that particular machine. Social mechanics even allow friends to send free money and spins to their neighbors in order to boost their bank accounts literally for free.

GameHouse Slots already has a combined user base of over one million players, and if you'd like to join in on the fun, you can now download the game for free on your iPhone or iPad, or jump right into the game on Facebook.

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Have you tried GameHouse Slots on either iOS or Facebook? How do you think the game compares to other slot machine games you've also played? Sound off in the comments!