Game of the Day: Farmington Tales


Today's Game of the Day mixes two genres that you might not instantly think go together: farming simulation and hidden object. In Big Fish's Farmington Tales, the two actually work together perfectly, as players are given the opportunity to take over an old farm that has fallen into disrepair.

An old farmer named Floyd has taken an expensive loan out on his property to stay afloat, and you'll need to help him find items around the farm that can be sold to make payments. The game's hidden object scenes take place all over the farm, from the farmhouse itself to the old barn out back and more. You'll earn coins for finding items, and while your overall goal may be to help Floyd get out of debt, you'll eventually come across enough money to start repairing the farm and grow crops.

As you grow crops or harvest animals for items like milk, they'll be sold automatically in the market at the edge of the farm, allowing you to go back to finding more hidden objects to sell. Once you're really rolling in profits, you can choose from a variety of projects at the bottom of the screen like repairing the farm's fences or painting some of its buildings. These tasks allow you to customize the farm with the repair option of your choice, so it's unlikely that your farm will look exactly like someone else's. Farmington Tales offers tons of fun and depth, and you can now play the game for free right now on!

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Have you tried Farmington Tales? How much money have you been able to earn in this farming hidden object game? Sound off in the comments!