CoasterVille Troll Bridge: Everything you need to know


Now that CoasterVille has really started to grow on Facebook, Zynga has started to support the game with new content, including new fantasy decorations and a Troll Bridge that can be built in your theme park. This Troll Bridge comes with its own set of timed quests, and we're here with a quick guide to get you started.

Greener Pastures

  • Place the Troll Bridge Base

  • Finish Building the Troll Bridge Base

The Toll Bridge Base can be placed via this quest window, and it requires 1,980 coins, seven Billy Goat Horns, 320 Goods, and 1,980 Thrill Points to complete. The Billy Goat Horns can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. This is just the first of five building stages for the overall Troll Bridge, but when you complete this first quest, you'll receive 200 coins and two Hospitality.

Building Bridges

  • Complete the Second Stage of the Troll Bridge

As you might expect, the second stage of the Troll Bridge is more demanding than the first, as you'll need 2,475 coins, seven Monstrous Fur Pelts, 400 Goods, and 2,475 Thrill Points to complete it. The Monstrous Fur Pelts can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed, which can be done once very six hours. Remember, since CoasterVille is available for play on, it's best to post these sorts of items there so that you can earn the help of both friends and strangers at the same time. Completing this second quest gives you another 200 coins and two Hospitality.

There are three additional quests in this series, and three more stages of the Troll Bridge to complete before you can finish this event. You'll only have 12 days to finish them all off, but with enough dedication, the quests and this large building project definitely shouldn't be impossible to complete. Good luck!

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Have you already started building your Troll Bridge in CoasterVille? Do you like these themed attractions? What sorts of themes would you like to see come to the game next? Sound off in the comments!