8,500 New Work-From-Home Job Openings This Week

working from home
working from home

Work-from-home careers were once the domain of ambitious housewives who wanted to make a bit of extra money by selling cosmetics or housewares while still raising their kids. Not anymore. According to latest Census Bureau figures, nearly 1 in 10 workers work from home, as both men and women, baby boomers and Generation Y, crave the flexibility. But where are the best opportunities? Which sectors have the most job openings?

AOL Jobs compiled a list of the Top 10 work-from-home jobs, as determined by the number of listings available this week on CareerBuilder.com (an AOL Jobs sponsor) -- more than 8,500 of them. Some results show broad categories, while others are specific jobs, so there may be some overlap in the number of openings. Also provided is data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on forecasts for growth in each category or field.