Game of the Day: Flying Cookie Quest


In the United States of Biscuits, a brave panda has a dream: to escape the power and rule of the giant Biscuit Head by creating a rocket powered by cookies. That storyline sure is unique, and it just so happens to be the premise behind today's Game of the Day: Flying Cookie Quest.

Megazorb's Flying Cookie Quest sees you timing the launch of the panda from a cannon based on a cycling power bar. Once you launch the panda, he'll bounce off of animals both on the ground and in the sky, and you'll collect cookies all along the way. The farther the panda goes, the higher your score and the more cookies you'll earn. Cookies, in turn, can be used to upgrade the panda and his launch cannon. These upgrades will allow the panda to fly farther than in your previous game, until you collect enough cookies to unlock the next upgrade, and so on.

Once you unlock some major rocket upgrades, you'll be able to control the panda in the sky, causing him to smash to the ground with enough force to bounce back up into the air again. You'll also be confronted by the evil Biscuit Head and will launch into a timed clicking mini-game to escape. To say that Flying Cookie Quest is a unique little game would be an understatement, and it's really something you need to try for yourself. Luckily, you can play the game for free right now, right here on!

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Have you tried Flying Cookie Quest? What's your farthest distance ever traveled? Sound off in the comments!