FarmVille 2 Chinese New Year Items: Everything you need to know


The Chinese New Year falls on February 10 this year, but Zynga is looking to celebrate early in FarmVille 2 via the release of limited edition Chinese New Year items in the store. These items will be available for the next 20 days, and they come in the form of new crops, trees, animals and more. We're here with a complete look at these items in the store, so let's get started!


Goji Berry

  • Costs: 28 coins per square

  • Harvest Time: 4 Hours

  • Can be sold for: 40 coins

  • Can be turned into: 4 Animal Feed

  • XP Earned: 3


Chinese Plum Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Mandarin Orange Tree - 12 Farm Bucks


Himalayan Blue Sheep - 38 Farm Bucks
Silkie Chicken - 32 Farm Bucks
Pygora Goat - 35 Farm Bucks
Baby Himalayan Blue Sheep - 21 Farm Bucks
Baby Silkie Chicken - 19 Farm Bucks
Baby Pygora Goat - 26 Farm Bucks


Bouquet with Red Envelopes - 10 Farm Bucks
Chinese Lanterns - 2,000 coins
Chinese New Year Scarecrow - 14 Farm Bucks
Chinese Pagoda - 16 Farm Bucks
Chinese Vase - 10,000 coins
Golden Dragon - 6 Farm Bucks

Again, these items will only be available for 20 days, so if you're interested in mastering the Goji Berries, make sure to plant them as often as you can over the next few days to get a nice head start. There are also limited edition recipes that go along with this theme, and we'll bring you a complete guide to crafting those as soon as we can.

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What do you think of these Chinese New Year limited edition items? Will you spend Farm Bucks on any of them? Sound off in the comments!