FarmVille 2 Chinese New Year Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


You've had a complete look at the new Chinese New Year decorations, crops, animals and trees in the FarmVille 2 marketplace. But wait, there's more! There are also three new Crafting Kitchen recipes that will be available for around a month, and we're here with a complete guide to their ingredients and payouts.

The first recipe is Goji Berry Lemonade, and it are crafted with one Lemonade and eight Goji Berries. These berries are planted for 28 coins per square, and they're ready to harvest after four hours. As for the Lemonade, this recipe itself is worth 350 coins, and it takes a couple of steps to create. First, you'll need to combine Lemons and Water to make Lemon Water.

After that, you'll combine the Lemon Water with more Lemons to create the actual Lemonade. That makes this recipe even more valuable than its 350 coin sale price, since it requires Water, arguably the most valuable item in the game. If you decide to turn your Goji Berries into Goji Berry Lemonade, you'll be able to sell a single batch for 2,510 coins. You'll also receive 16 XP for each Lemonade you create.

The second recipe is for a jar of Salted Plums, which requires three Salt and 10 Chinese Plums to create. The Salt are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help, while the Chinese Plums are earned from the Chinese Plum Tree. A single Chinese Plum Tree is available for purchase for 12 Farm Bucks, but if you're not willing to spend Farm Bucks on the tree to earn Chinese Plums on your own farm, you might be able to earn some from friends. You can tend these trees on your friends' farms (where available) to have a chance at Chinese Plums, but there's no guarantee you'll actually earn enough to create some Salted Plums. If you do, or you simply purchase the tree yourself, you can sell a single jar of Salted Plums for 3,000 coins. You'll receive 16 XP for each one you create.

The final recipe is another premium option, as Orange Fortune Cookies are available to create using three Batter and eight Mandarin Oranges each. The Batter are created using Flour and Eggs, with Flour being created using Wheat. The Mandarin Oranges, meanwhile, are earned via the Mandarin Orange Tree, which is purchased for 12 Farm Bucks. If you gather enough Mandarin Oranges to create an Orange Fortune Cookie--either through your own trees or through friends'--you'll be able to sell them for 3,340 coins per batch. This recipe rewards 24 XP per creation.

These recipes will be available for 27 days, while the actual trees and crops in this theme will expire after 20 days. We'll let you know whether this Chinese New Year theme expands in FarmVille 2 before the real deal arrives next month.

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