ChefVille 'In the Food For Love' Quests: Everything you need to know


I hope you've made a lot of progress on the Secret Admirer quests in ChefVille, along with the 12 Love Letters that can be earned inside the Romance Stove, as a brand new appliance and quest series has launched aside those in the Valentine's Day event. Ginger's "In the Food for Love" quests brings the Artichoke Stand and the Lovin' Oven to the game, and both need to be built before they can be used.

The Lovin' Oven

  • Place and Build the Lovin' Oven

  • Place and Build the Artichoke Stall

  • Harvest Three Artichoke Hearts from the Artichoke Stall

The Lovin Oven is available for free from this quest window, while the Artichoke Stall costs 1,000 coins in the store. Both require three energy each to unwrap. The Artichoke Stall requires two Artichoke Baskets, two Thistle Theory, and three Artichoke Serving Trays to finish. The Serving Trays are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, while the other two items can be earned via general news posts on your wall.

As for the Lovin' Oven, this one requires two Scent Suggestions, two Wink Wisdoms, two Flirty Favors and five Aromatic Potpourri to complete. Only the Potpourri is earned through individual requests, while all other items can be earned by simply posting a request to your news feed. This should make building this particular appliance pretty easy in the long run.

After you've finished the Artichoke Stall, you can tend it to receive Artichoke Hearts once every five minutes. When you finish

this first quest, you'll receive five Roasted Artichoke Hearts, 10 XP and 20 coins.

Hearts of Stone

  • Cook 5 Artichoke Pizza on the Lovin' Oven

  • Harvest 8 Wild Mushrooms in Neighbors' Restaurants

  • Have 4 Pizza Stones

The Pizza Stones can be earned by posting a general news request to your wall. As for the Artichoke Pizzas, these are prepared using one Roasted Artichoke, one Dough and one Mozzarella each. The dish takes just two minutes to cook. As for the Wild Mushrooms, the easiest way to finish this task is to scroll to the end of your friends list to find friends that no longer play the game. They're almost guaranteed to have Wild Mushrooms you can tend, which won't waste any energy that you could be using in higher level restaurants trying to earn ingredients that you might actually want / need. When you finish this quest, you'll receive five Asparagus, 15 XP and 25 coins.

Splash of Cold Soup

  • Give Chef Services 6 Times with Chilled Asparagus Soup

  • Have 8 Chilled Soup Spoons

  • Earn 2 Love Letters for Couples Vegetarian Korma

The Chilled Soup Spoons can be earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help. As for the Chilled Asparagus Soup, it takes just five minutes to cook and requires two Asparagus, two Milk and one Pepper to prepare. Finally, the Couples Vegetarian Korma can be cooked using two Onions, one Tomato Sauce and one Salt. It takes just three minutes. These quests will only be available for four days, so work fast to finish them off. Good luck! Play ChefVille on now >

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