Hidden Chronicles 'CoasterVille' Quests: Everything you need to know


It's become a tradition in Hidden Chronicles that players are introduced to a new set of themed quests when Zynga releases most new games, and CoasterVille is no exception. While you may have plenty of quests already on your plate in Hidden Chronicles, if you scroll through your list long enough, you'll eventually find the four CoasterVille quests that will be available to complete in Hidden Chronicles for a limited time. We're here with a guide to get you started on these quests, so let's go!

CoasterVille: 1 of 4

  • Gather 2 Park Tickets

  • Reach Level 5 in CoasterVille

The two Park Tickets are earned by posting a general news item to your wall. As for leveling up in CoasterVille, if you've already passed Level 5 in the game, you'll likely need to hit the button to head into CoasterVille from within Hidden Chronicles to make your progress sync. You'll receive 130 coins, 125 XP and two Target Hints for completing this quest.

CoasterVille: 2 of 4

  • Reach Level 7 in CoasterVille

  • Play 3 Scenes

The three scenes can be the same scene three times or three different scenes, so play scenes that you also need to complete other quests and finish two things at once. Finishing this second quest gives you two energy, 260 coins and 125 XP.

CoasterVille: 3 of 4

  • Reach Level 10 in CoasterVille

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind with Friends

Simply head your friends' Estates and click on the clock in the corner to play FastFind. Do this with two friends to finish this quest. You'll receive five Target Hints, some XP and coins for completing this third quest.

CoasterVille: 4 of 4

  • Hide 3 Secret Packages

  • Reach Level 15 in CoasterVille

To hide packages, just visit friends and follow the prompts when you arrive. After you complete this final quest in the CoasterVille cross-promotion, you'll receive 900 coins, 325 XP and a Ferris Wheel for your Estate. The Ferris Wheel is worth 450 Estate Points, but it's also a pretty massive item. Still, it was free, so we can't complain.

These quests will only be available for eight days, so if you're having trouble increasing your level in CoasterVille, make sure to check out our cheats and tips guide, and add yourself to our Add Me page to make more progress with new friends! Good luck!

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Have you already reached Level 15 in CoasterVille, or are you just starting in Zynga's theme park game? Do you think you'll be able to complete these quests before they expire? Sound off in the comments!